Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh My #God! My #Time under The #Sun has Come.When's your's #Dude?

Well Folks,If every one's #Time has come  under the #Sun it's Really celebration time!!!

It's believed that we are entering a new #Era where we will have a #NewWorldOrder that will prevail upon us. Isn't it time to celebrate the event.  We have been part of many events both Good & Bad. 

#Peace will prevail throughout the #World. All the evil elements will be wiped off the face of the #Earth. You name it, we had it, because our #society was filled with all types of #Evil.  Did you think this was possible at all? 

Peace was a distant dream for many. Now that we are on the threshold of entering the most beautiful phase of our life. It's quite exciting. it will take time for many to realize that we have achieved the impossible.  Please remember,We only lost the #battle but not the #War. 

Well  talking about the war, we need not worry about #Wars any longer! When all the #Evil elements are going to be destroyed where is the question of Wars?

All War mongers will not have  a place under the #Sun. All Peace lovers will rule the roost. We have come a long way. With a  #NewWorldOrder in place it will be celebration time for everyone concerned with Peace. So why delay the celebration ? 

Look forward with #pride & joy when your are entering a #NewWorldOrder & continue to celebrate #Life. Give it what it deserves, only absolute Peace!!

A #Peace Lover 
Prabhakaran Krishnan

Monday, December 10, 2012

Fear in #Pure/ unadulterated form is a #Teacher

Well it is interesting to note the one thing that is very important. we all experience #Fear at some time or the other. Mankind has been questioning in many ways regarding Fear. Have we got to the bottom of it as yet. Many would promptly say No. So what is the #Truth?

Fear in its purest form is #Divine / #Holy. But most importantly it is a #Teacher in all respects. No one can deny this at all. But how can Fear be unadulterated in the first place itself.. The answer lies in our Mentality towards it. Can we make it still simpler to understand it better. Of course why not? The answer is really simple & needs to to be applied practically to ensure it's #Success. 

Mankind has been elevating himself to a position of a 'Judge'because his #Ego alters his sense of Perception. It mask's reality even from ourselves. What happens here We assume various things. Assuming  will put a full stop to understanding ourselves. We Judge ourselves & not assess us in reality terms! Isn't that the #Truth?

How can we put a Full stop  so that we do not adulterate  our #Emotions or #Fear. Well by putting a stop to our assumptions immediately, See how quickly our Emotions / Fear becomes unadulterated. Fear should not be controlled at all. We need to understand Fear. It is an #Energy. Energy should always be consumed or not repelled away from us. 

How do we consume Fear /#Energy? Well it is a  good question. We need to understand that whatever is happening in #Nature is best when we allow Nature to take it's own course of action. Every thing under the #Sun happens for a reason. Let's not tilt the delicate Balance of Nature by assuming things which far away from the Truth. 

Let's stop Fooling ourselves by assuming. Let things be backed by results/ reality & not by assumptions. We will be letting #Nature to use it's #Freewill. Now see how Fear in its purest form will be at work!! There is absolutely no doubt that Fear is an absolute Teacher. We can lift our selves  tall enough to #Succeed in our Mission in #Life. Let's enter a new #Era in our Life by understanding ourselves better!!!. Welcome the #New World Order which will pave way to understand the Deeper secrets of Nature

"A Vision for A #NewWorldOrder"